Google Tag Manager Installation

The main benefit of Google Tag Manager Installation is the increased detail available in your website analytics at an affordable cost.

Let’s say, for example, that your website has a long home page or that your website has video content throughout. With Google Tag Manager, your Google Analytics account could now show the percentage of people who scroll to the bottom of your page and the number who play your video.

Because neither of these are standard reporting features of Google Analytics, they’d normally require costly custom configuration by a developer. With Google Tag Manager installed, we can make these changes quickly and cost effectively.

So whatś the no techie approach to how it works?

Tag Manager is a free Google product. In its simplest form think of it as allowing a “bucket” of code to sit on every page of your website. Once we’ve set up the bucket, we can then place extra pieces of code in it whenever you want – for example, your Google Analytics tracking code. If the code changes, there is no need for your developer to make the alteration on every page – a costly exercise. Instead, we can make it quickly in Tag Manager.

The code can also pass tracking information through to your Google Analytics account when your visitors perform certain actions such as playing a video or click off to your Facebook account.

Will my old Google Analytics data remain when I move to Google Tag Manager?

Yes it will if you want it to. We just ensure the Google Analytics code place in your Tag Manager account is the one you used before.

Who has control of my Google Tag Manager account if we fall out?

You do.

Can this all work with eCommerce as well?

Yes it can, BUT as with normal eCommerce Google Analytics it’s a bit more complicated than simple goal tracking.

How do I get started?

Complete a Contact Request and one of our team will call to discuss your needs and provide you with a fixed price quote.

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